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5 Places to go on a rocking honeymoon in Costa Rica

Honeymoon is one of your most important trips in life, and since it’ll be remembered for both your lives there’s no space for improvisation. And as we all know it, flawless requires investigation, preparation and advice.

That’s why we listed our favourite spots to go snuggle with your life partner with no unpleasant surprises:


San Gerardo de Dota

Heaven for nature lovers and birdwatchers, San Gerardo de Dota is a mountain destiny. Known for it’s great coffee plantations, you’ll be away from big cities. It’s an opportunity to take hikes and visit the San Gerardo waterfalls while breathing clean air.

There are some activities you can experience while staying here, you can go fishing at the Savegre river, and have a nice picnic with your loved one.

Or you can take tours from San Gerardo to Santa María to go see quetzales.

San Gerardo de Dota, 2015.  Christopher Alpizar G.

San Gerardo de Dota, 2015. Christopher Alpizar G.


Playa Grande

One of Guanacaste’s most beautiful beaches if you ask me, Playa Grande is a protected area where you’ll enjoy white sand and eventually some wildlife.

It’s a great place to go surfing avoiding crowds and with constant awesome waves. This is my favourite place to practice yoga, thinking about the sand under my feet and the sound of the sea make me feel relaxed already.

But since it’s protected visitors must be very careful when staying here, you can’t feed the animals or build a campfire because it might scare turtles coming to nest here.


Looking for more adventure during your honeymoon?

Visit Monteverde and try the canopy ride, or the cable cart above the rain forest, all with a guide that will teach you about fauna and it’s fun facts.

You can see the serpentarium to have a sneak peek of rare amphibious in replicas of their natural habitat, but be sure to go early because they close at 13:00!

Beautiful Monteverde, 2015.  Elite Properties

Beautiful Monteverde, 2015. Elite Properties


The very romantic hot springs and landscape of the volcano are very welcoming for couples who want to relax and start a new life together with no worries.

Near the hotels you can visit a crafts markets to buy souvenirs, also San Carlos is known for its high quality meat producing farms, so you could have a nice local dinner.

San José de la Montaña

Closer to the capital, this is a mountain destination in Heredia with a beautiful view and lots of things to do.

There’s the Barva volcano which you can visit during the day and have a nice walk through its paths.

And if you are a hiking lover you can visit the Braulio Carrillo national park as well, one of the biggest national parks in Costa Rica in which you can take the aerial tram to witness the rainy forest at its best. It’s a fun romantic getaway from the city lifestyle.