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Sustainability policy

At Villas del Rio we combine excellence with Resposible Tourism. We are a team dedicated to make your stay a warm and comfortable experience, under a sustanable model, that guarantees a significative input to environment, social and economic health, within our comunity.

Behavior Code

Apartotel & Suites Villas del Río follows the Behavior Code Against the Sexual Exploit of Kids and Teenagers in travels associated to Tourism.

We declare ZERO Tolerance to any kind of situation associated to this felony and we make the compromise to denouce it.

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  • We have constant water and energy saving programs, encoraging our staff and guests to together achieve an efficient sustainable operation.
  • We manage our solid waste in a responsible and thorough way, separating each material to recycling, reutilizing and feeding farm animals. The only waste we dispose are the not salvageable waste gets thrown as trash.
  • We've defined a plan to diminish our Carbon Print and fight Climate Change. All our staff, providers, guests and community work together helping.
  • Our staff is trained and commited with the environmental health, working on a daily basis for a sustainable operation and bringing their support with new projects and initiatives.
  • Our produce and providers all have very strict guidelines, to guarantee quality products with minimal environment impact.
  • We participate and support activities for climate health for our surroundings, like tree plant, National Park conservation, river cleaning and further.


  • We are part of a Community Business Network, an alliance integrating local government with private business, to make community health projects come true, in the Escazú area. 
  • We give economic support to the Fundación Obras de Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza, that help kids in risk, through feeding, educating and accompaning them. 
  • We are part of the community and participate in projects for communal health, artistic developement, cultural appreciation, sports activities, health initiatives sharing our developement goals for the zone.
  • We support financially the Elderly Home in our community, we ensure respect to them at all times .
  • We developed a Social Program with the El Carmen de Escazú School, where we capacitate and design work-spaces with parents and kids about climate and social matters. To give back to our next generations a good formation that will soon have the community in their hands.
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Socio-Economig Development 

  • All our shopping of products and services are done locally, choosing providers that comply with our quality standards, environmental respect to contribute to economical developement of our region.
  • We promote communal leisure activities and invite our guests to join and meet the community.
  • We train our personnel to support the inter-cultural interactions between visitors and locals, developing a healthy, enriching and respectful experience.
  • We protect our children and work together to promote respect through our staff in terms of child labor, family and wellness. We are part of the Behavior Against Children Sexual Exploitation Code. Also we form part of talks to parents about the human trafficking and sexual exploit of minors. 
  • Protegemos nuestra niñez y trabajamos para que sus derechos sean respetados, a través de capacitación a nuestro personal en Temas de Trabajo Infantil, bienestar y salud familiar, firma del Código de Conducta Contra la Explotación Sexual de Menores, talleres en Escuelas para padres sobre el Peligro de Trata de Personas y explotación Sexual de Menores. 


We have a volunteering program amongst our staff, where we work along in social and environmental experiences with the community. Taking our actions further, we bring a positive impact leaving a mark on the town of Escazú and in our volunteers, as a lesson enriching their lives and reminding them that developement has to be effective and integral.


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Affiliations and partnerships