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5 items you must pack when vacationing in Costa Rica

When it comes to going on vacations there are two moments we all dread for: the time to come back home, and packing. Some people like to make lists and prepare everything days in advance, others (most of us) leave it for the last day, but don't panic; prepare to read our must pack list if you are coming to Costa Rica on vacations:


Swim Suit

We are surrounded but ocean and our weather is great for a day by the pool. So don’t miss the opportunity to dip yourself to freshen up, day or night.

But in case you forget to bring yours, there are gorgeous local brands that sell swimsuits pretty in style, and pretty on a budget.

Comfortable Shoes

Most trips involve lots of walking, and if you are an adventure lover you’ll be hiking through our volcanoes, jungle and beaches. So our advice is to bring comfortable shoes.

Most tourists only bring flipflops because of the hot weather, but let me be clear on this; it can rain at ANY time. And if you are walking through plants and dirt you don’t want to struggle to keep your flipflops on, bring sneakers. You’ll thank me later. ;)

Gabovq , 2015.

Gabovq, 2015.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 10.48.59.png

Cool shades

Because there’s no better moment to be fashionable than when you are taking vacation pictures, oh yes and also protect yourself from the bright sun.

Lenos_cr , 2016.

Lenos_cr, 2016.


Can’t miss the one of a kind shots when visiting us in the tropics. And I know I’ve said it in previous posts, boost your Instagram profile with #travelgram content.

My personal favorite is taking pictures with my phone, this way I don’t have to carry extra gadgets.

Cayajose , 2016.

Cayajose, 2016.


Most important of all, come to Costa Rica with an open heart to find yourself with nature, people and colors.

Roro_tutu , 2015

Roro_tutu, 2015