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5 Extreme sports you can practice in Costa Rica

I take my traveling very seriously, that’s why when looking for destinations to travel I like to know there are more activities to do than visiting the city or a national park.  

This energy booster activities make me feel alive. Sports usually help me connect with the world so when a I can enjoy nature at it’s most, I’m in!

Here are 5 extreme sports you should try to live to the fullest the tropical experience in Costa Rica:


Bungee Jumping:

Attention thrill seekers, there are plenty of bungee spots in Costa Rica where you can jump off perfectly safe:


Adventure Playground

Río Colorado, Naranjo

There’s a very particular feeling when your feet detach from the surface of the bridge that only the most adrenaline junkies like. You should have that sense of void at least once in life.



Personally I was afraid the first time around, because I’m not very comfortable around water. But rafting is more about teamwork, and when I say that is with an emphasis in WORK. Paddling your way through the river is fun, hard and fun!

The best thing about rafting in Costa Rica is the scenery you experience while sailing, lots of tropical forest and wildlife make your ride the most beautiful ever.

The most extreme rivers to go rafting are:

White Water Rafting





The thrill of chasing a wave and getting at the right time to ride it makes of this the most loved sports in the world.

Surfing is for some, a way of meditating and disconnecting from life. Since all your mind and energy has to be focused on finding the waves you’ll want to ride.  It gives you a moment to experience nature and life at its most.

The best beaches to go surfing in Costa Rica are:

  • Playa Hermosa, Puntarenas

  • Playa Guiones,

  • Tamarindo, Guanacaste

  • Roca Bruja



This is perhaps the sport in this article that requires less training or effort. Born in Costa Rica to enjoy the forest in other ways humans can’t from the floor.

Essentially you slide through a line above the trees in the forest and learn about wildlife with your guide in every station.

I love this, I’ve been probably about 10 times in the last years.

Here are some of the places you can go practice it:

  • Monteverde Sky tram and Canopy

  • Africa Safari, Guanacaste

  • Ecoglide Canopy, Arenal


One of the best things about practicing paragliding in Costa Rica perhaps is its weather, you can feel the warm breeze through the blue sky in your face.

This adventure sport gives you a truly flying experience while you get to see the country from above.

Some of the most amazing sites to launch are very difficult to access so be prepared to hike and sweat. However there are some well known places to go practice it and are within a car ride distance:

  • Dominical

  • Rivas

  • Caldera