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5 sunset spots to enjoy while in Costa Rica, and some tips to get nice pics of it.

Sunset is different every day and in every place you are. But why not look for the best place to really enjoy it?

We give you 5 awesome spots to live a sunset like no other.


Península de Papagayo - Guanacaste

Not only you’ll be able to take beautiful pictures of the sun setting and the last orange-pink and purple rays. You will be at a gorgeous beach that offers you the most tropical landscape to really boost that Instagram photo.

Since the best sunset pic has usually an object of interest to contrast and give the photo some depth, you can focus on the forest at the beach or yourself. Trust me, you can’t go wrong here.


Monte de la Cruz - Heredia

This is a complete different setup from the previous, colder and for mountain lovers. The Monte de la Cruz is a nice spot to enjoy the day’s last rays of sun within the city area.

There are hiking trails to take a romantic walk just before night time, and there are plenty of good restaurants near there for a nice meal afterwards.

Another tip to get a nice sunset photograph is to avoid putting the horizon line in the center of the pic, and since you’ll be witnessing it from the mountains and through the mountains you’ll definitely get very interesting shots.

Sunset in Heredia,  Oscar Adolfo Durán Jara

Sunset in Heredia, Oscar Adolfo Durán Jara


Stereo Sushi - San José

Sunset and sushi, BOMB combination!

Located right in San José downtown at Barrio La California this trendy place will welcome you for special urban nights with a great view.

You can order dinner and wait for the last sky lit up with color again about 25 minutes after the sun dips below the horizon.


Parque del Agricultor - Alajuela

You might have seen this park when arriving to Costa Rica, it’s across the street from the Juan Santamaría Airport, and it displays a giant coffee bean in the center.

This place is so colorful and alive, you can sit and watch the sunset across the runway with a landing plane. It’s the perfect scenario to catch some mesmerizing silhouettes during the red lights of sun.


Playa Hermosa - Puntarenas

Now if you can enjoy a nice sunset and a surf competition at once, Why wouldn’t you?

From the “Backyard Restaurant” you can witness the surf competition held weekly at Playa Hermosa. It’s such a beautiful sight you won’t need filters at all!