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5 Costa Rican rivers you'll love to visit

For those water lovers, the best way to really get to enjoy a trip is to go rafting or kayaking. And since some of this recommendations I’m about to give you are one day tours you can easily go from San Jose and come back.

River trips are awesome because you get to be immersed in nature and be calm or very adventurous, depending on the mood you are in.

Río Celeste


This destination is very trendy nowadays, located in Alajuela it’s a river and waterfall with crystal clear and turquoise water.

You have to hike about an hour through tropical rain forest to get there and enjoy dipping. But boy you’ll get to take gorgeous pics here!

It is a destination definitely not to be missed!



Totally different kind of ride in this river, Pacuare is located in

This whitewater rafting is intense and made for adrenaline seekers. It has different levels of rapids to test your skills.

During this rafting ride, you shouldn’t take your camera unless you aren’t afraid of losing it. But some of the companies that organize tours will take you pics during the visit you can later buy.



In San Gerardo de Dota you’ll find this lovely waterfall, it is a challenging hike for some tourists so make sure you are in shape or have your gear ready!

You have to walk for about 1,5 miles through muddy forest because it’s wild! So take your hiking shoes.

You will find breathtaking views here to pimp up your vacation posts ;)



If you are looking for a really relaxing escape from people and city noise, this is your perfect getaway.

Here you can either take a floating boat down the river or experience the rafting. Either of both will be surrounded by birds, turtles, and more birds. Any bird watching lover will go nuts during this ride.



This one goes to the opposite shore, the Atlantic. It’s well known abroad for its extreme rapids, level 4 and up. It’s a total of 12 rapids full of excitement.

Also, this is a one day tour from San Jose, so you’ll be back home by dinner time.