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5 Theaters to applaud to in Costa Rica

Theater, you either love it or hate it.  

Regardless of your position, it is always a good idea to try the different options for a night out the city has to offer. It can make you laugh or have deep thoughts, and the five options I talk to you about in this post display a wide range of plays. 


Focused on producing classic plays and books, this theater is a great space. It offers a wonderful cafeteria outside where you can have a delicious chocolate cake before going in. 

The artists are younger than in most companies, and they use very creative resources to set on stage. During March they'll be presenting "El Principito" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

El Principito for Teatro Expressivo

El Principito for Teatro Expressivo

Las Moiras

Well, this isn't exactly a theater, it's more a cabaret space where you can have dinner while witnessing the show. They offer live music or plays but make sure to reserve a table before because it gets a full house very often.

These days they are displaying Perrozompopo, a Nicaraguan songwriter known for his social and political critics. He is very charming, go and enjoy his art!

Photo by Gabriela Solano for  Teatro Las Moiras

Photo by Gabriela Solano for Teatro Las Moiras

El Triciclo

This is an option for anyone looking to go for dinner and then theater. The Escazú location is within Plaza Tempo a place where you can choose dinner for ANY food lover because it offers restaurants from plenty of countries.

The Triciclo is producing now "The 39 steps" by Alfred Hitchcock, a thriller, played only by 4 actors. It looks very promising and will be on stage during March.


Teatro de la Danza

Music, dancing, and circus are adjectives how this place sells itself. Yearly it hosts the National Choreographers  Festival in which you can see the very talented dancers of any ages.  It is located within the previous distilled liquors factory right in San Jose. A beautiful place to visit even if you are not going to a show. 

Right now they are presenting a group of acrobats by Terry Crane, a well-known director from the United States.  He can do magic with his body in the air, I was pleasantly surprised.



Teatro Urbano

Located in San José downtown, very conveniently, near anyone staying on the West side or East side. This establishment presents the play "Made in Tikicia" is a comedy to get to know the Costarrican character in a funny way. It's been on display for over 6 years. 

They also present some stand-up comedians if you are looking for a good laugh. Look for them at their Facebook Page