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5 dinner date restaurants for a night out in Costa Rica

A classic date night starts with dinner, but where to go? 

In this post I talk to you about five different cuisine places you can enjoy that will not disappoint you. 


This Spanish place is a relaxed tapas destiny. Located in Plaza Real at Alajuela, you can enjoy some cider chistorra, ham croquetas and delicious shrimp. They regularly have promotions with beer or other cocktails, so it's a sharing table kind of environment. If you are looking forward to a relaxed night and talk, this is the place. 

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If you are more a seafood lover this Peruvian originated family place will be you kind of deal. It is located in Barrio Escalante, a trendy street in the East of San Jose filled with dinning options. But trust me, the fish and risotto dishes here are very very good. Also, their sangría is delicious as well as huge. My personal favorite is the grilled octopus, it comes with seasonal veggies and some potatoes, it is a great #foodporn entry for your Instagram.


Andiamo La

Pasta is always a safe and succulent choice for dinner, and this Italian won't disappoint you. Andiamo La has two locations, East and West of San Jose so you should find out which will be nearest to you. But let me tell you, the one in the West (Santa Ana) is a gorgeous location with gardens surrounding the terrace and warm lights that will make a romantic evening a success.

Their fresh pasta is to die for, traditional Italian recipes with the chef's soul poured in the sauce. And if you go there don't miss the Cannoli, nobody makes them better here in Costa Rica.


La Oveja Negra

I had to throw a more casual place with local dishes so you would know more about Costa Rican customs. La Oveja Negra is the house of the wonderful "Chifrijo", a dish consisting of a bowl with white rice, beans and chicharrón (crackling pork) topped with "Pico de Gallo". This with a cold beer on the side is the true Costa Rican bar night out dish. 

They have three locations, all on the West side of town, the closest (and nicest) one to San José downtown is in Escazú, but the original is in Santa Ana. 


La Divina Comida

Now if you are looking for a elegant and classy evening, go and order the Ceviche Nikkei with a glass of wine. 

From a Peruvian owner, but with international taste and wines, La Divina Comida is located at Avenida Escazú, an upscale shopping mall you will love. 

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