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The ultimate Costa Rican brands gift guide, Part 2

If you are interested in getting to know more about the products from local producers we got to offer, you came to the right place. Our previous post has been the start of this journey, getting to know great ideas to be the perfect gift giver, the one everybody wants to invite to their birthday, all from Costa Rican products and designers.


Jess Tales

Feminist and beautiful, this brand has lots of different accessories you can put in your gear to identify with the cause.

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Tracks CR

Made from reclaimed wood these sunnies have all the style you will want when you go back home.

Doña Daisy

The inspiration for this scarfs designs comes from different spots all around Costa Rica. They’re made from silk and are just what anyone would cherish for a lifetime.

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Gallo Pin

This brand is the baby, it came out in early 2018. And the idea is to give friends who visit Costa Rica a small and cute token to take with them.

Mr. Socks

With the objective to make happier and more colourful socks for the regular days, Mr. Socks has also a subscription in which you will never have a boring foot day.

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Fabrica de Pines

FabricadePines is a brand that makes custom pins for any ocassion, so if you have an event, or want to give all your friends some funny design you have, write to them and make it happen!


Sibü Chocolate

Sibú chocolatiers craft their chocolates by hand with organic Costa Rican cacao and only the freshest all-natural ingredients. Also, the patterns in their packaging are inspired in traditional indigenous designs.


Repostería Jomar

Cookies like your grandma’s, but better. These crunchy and sweet pieces will draw smiles wherever they are going. Nobody can refuse a bit of “Orejitas”

Amanita Chilli

Fully organic, vegan and made with coconut oil, this hot sauce is amazing. Put some drops on top of your meals and they will feel special.

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Gente de Azúcar

Colorful and sweet this small boxes are filled with delicious and happy pieces of hard candy, in different flavors. It’s trendier twist to the traditional “melcocha”


These are dangerously addictive, the inside is a crunchy frozen piece of fruit and covered in chocolate you can choose from strawberry, banana, mango or blueberry, as well as nuts.


Chile Monoloco

Another great contender to the Hot Sauce race. MonoLoco prides to be the strongest Chili in Costa Rica. Try it... if you dare!


Arüko Outdoor

Comfortable clothes designed for outdoor lovers, for camping and nature hikers. They have mainly a male line, but you can also find women’s pieces.


Sulara Wear

Athleisure with a hint of glam. The pieces from Sulara are beautiful looking and made with the best quality materials.


The coolest, trendiest t-shirts designed and printed here in Costa Rica by a talented designer with a dancer heart Oliver S.



This brand makes high quality tailored suits and shirts for the contemporary woman. Designed by its owner a Chilean born but Costa Rican resident.


Gorgeous, light and colorful, the pieces from Nnia are designed by Jessi G. who has been known for being a fashionista.

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Obra Gris

Contemporary, zero waste design. This brand focuses on reducing their client’s footprint in a stylish way. All their collections are limited and fair trade.




Internationally known, this colorful and very stylish brand of swimsuits has been the protagonist in most CR Fashion Weeks



The core values of Slothy are living in summer all year round. So, embrace the summer happiness and get yourself a bikini made in Costa Rica.


Delicate pieces and colors, Austere Atelier likes to experiment with light shapes and tones, for the woman who likes to be comfortable.



Their goal is to fulfill the needs of guys who love the beach and summer fun. Designed by Frank F. this brand features geometric shapes and interesting colors for the modern man

John Howard Menswear

John Howard was born out of the search and the necessity to project self-expression, originality, comfort, luxury, and elegance, as well as the desire to be different and unique in a changing environment with a high demand for technology.



Functional designs for water & earth that make women feel beautiful. Made with love in Costa Rica & Nicaragua.




Very well made shoes, mixing materials and with contemporary look, Cruda is a little on the high priced items in this list. But it is worth it.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 12.23.48.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 12.34.25.png


Everyone in the world owns flip-flops. And these are funky tropical themed. If you are in Costa Rica. Why not take a pair as a souvenir?


Beautiful urban sneakers, made in Colombia but embellished and sold in Costa Rica. Take a look at them and fall in love.

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Coral Bahía

Designed and made in Costa Rica, these sneakers are for trendy girls. They are sold in different stores in shopping centers. They have many collections. Check them out!


Traditional huarachas, sandals and leather flats. Featuring beautiful colored leather and a relaxed vibe, they are the perfect all time favorite piece for your wardrobe.

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Arixio Shop

A cool twist for the historic espardils, for every style. You can choose from sequins, fabric and metallic

leatherwork. The perfect summer footwear.

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