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5 ways to recover from surgery (and enjoy it) in Costa Rica

Lots of people come to Costa Rica to have surgeries, because of the quality and price of our medical professionals. Most clinics and consultations offer services to take care of you during the process, but you might feel more comfortable staying at home or taking this time at your own place.

Here I give you some ideas to help you feel better while you are convalescent:

Have fresh food or produce delivered to your door

Fill your body with nutrients and rich flavors that will help heal you. Take advantage of delivery services like:


Auto Mercado




If you can, go and breathe CLEAN air

If you take a nice slow walk through nature, get in touch with your inner self and disconnect your body will be in sync to heal itself.

There are gorgeous places to take hikes near San Jose where you can get by car and have a walk. You could visit:


Parque la Sabana

Volcan Poás

Get to know the city but don’t get too agitated

You could take the VIP City Tour, a two story bus that offers tours around San José downtown stoping at iconic spots you could get to know for their charm.

You don’t have to stress yourself or make efforts, the tours last from 3 hours.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 11.30.43.png

Drink lots of water

Costa Rica has one of the Blue Zones in the world, where water comes out as clean and with incredible flavor.

Any tap water in Costa Rica is drinkable, and there are also plenty of pure water brands, local and imported available.


Get Help

Nurses and professional caregivers that can be with you during the days after your operation can be hired. Company is very important during the post-surgery days, to keep your medication on time and special movements your specialist orders.