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5 Jawdropping gifts you can get ONLY in Costa Rica

Every time I travel I think long and carefully what gifts will I take for my family and friends, because the message you want to give is “I care for you & I wish we could have shared this trip together” “I thought about you” and taking just a huge Toblerone from the airport is a little careless, that’s what I think, maybe I am overthinking it.

Well if you are coming to Costa Rica or want to share some love from Costa Rica while being creative, here I give you some ideas of local products that will make people happy when opening them:


Small delicious tropical fruits dipped in chocolate. They dehydrate the fruits with cold in a process called lyophilization so they are crunchy. This brand not only makes wonderful snacks/goodies but helps multiple animal conservation organizations with a share of their sales and volunteering on a regular basis.

Their original products are banana, mango, strawberries, but every season more fruits and nuts join their product range. Try them if you can because you WILL want to gift it to everyone.

You can get their products in the main supermarkets, but see more about the company at

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 20.37.55.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 11.09.23.png


Gorgeously minimalistic designed coffee drip accessories for the #coffeelover. They are made with the highest quality standards, all their products are handmade.

You can find them in some coffee shops in San José, and what better gift to get from Costa Rica than coffee and a beautiful way to brew it?

Check their products at


This is an online store dedicated to products for travelers and bucket lists.

They design scratchable maps where you can check the places you’ve visited. From the world and from Costa Rica. Also they sell traveling goodies such as passport holders, luggage tags and other handy accessories your inner Wanderlust will love.

Get their awesome gifts at

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If you know someone who likes skating or art this will be the brand for that person.

Skateboards, t-shirts, stickers and everything skate related, by Costa Rican designer Sergio Quesada. Their products are inexpensive and they are certainly unique. What a souvenir! A locally designed board. <3
See all their products at


Ok, hear me out, this might not be a gift gift, but having the possibility of using biodegradable, compostable straws, sandwich bags, and other goods is. Being sustainable isn’t a matter of just eliminating the use of those things, but doing it smarter, and that’s what Eco Sunrise has made.

Check all their products at

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