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5 stimulating views of Costa Rica that’ll step up your Instagram game

Some places are just inspiring, and have a strong influence on what people feel when visiting them. So if you go by feel, here we recommend you some views from Costa Rica that’ll make you feel happy, free, small, at peace, scared, amused… you name it


Proyecto Eólico Santa Ana

Our country has been known for working on renewable energy for the last months, and one of the efforts the CNFL has been doing is to use one of the main resources we’ve got WIND. 17 wind turbines provide clean energy for the Central Valley and decorate the top of the mountains surrounding Santa Ana.

The view from the project is breathtaking, in a place where wind is the main element. This is a spot where I saw the power of nature and the human enginery collide.

The road up here is tough and not for early drivers, but it is totally worth the effort.

Bridge over Tarcoles river

This might not be the fanciest destination but it surely is the most impressive. Watching down the bridge all the alligators sunbathing will take you to prehistoric times, nature at its most wild. Most friends I’ve taken there leave amazed. I’ve taken incredible pictures here!

Lankester Garden

Some weekends I want to meditate and just be far away from city noises, that’s where I look for nature and open spaces, they help me breathe and clear my mind.

Lankester garden has different landscapes for you to disconnect and connect.

Also this is a gorgeous place to have take pictures because of the exotic flowers and spaces, some couples like to have their portraits taken.

Lankester Garden 2013,  Connie Komack

Lankester Garden 2013, Connie Komack


Puerto Viejo, Limón

One thing you can’t take in the most visited beaches of Costa Rica but you surely can snap at Puerto Viejo is sunrises.

Clear water and white sand make of this caribbean beach a very different destination from the Pacific coast ones most Costa Ricans are used to.

Although nightlife is my favorite to take pictures, bars and restaurants are very colorful and get lit with candles, I just love it.

Old Banana Barge, 2015  Mike Buchholz

Old Banana Barge, 2015 Mike Buchholz


Sanatorio Durán, Cartago

Now this is a creepy yet adorable photo spot. Sitting on the Volcán Irazú mountain, it used to be a tuberculosis treatment institution during early 1920s and it’s been abandoned since the 70s.

Some people say it’s haunted, but the true beauty of this place is the architecture and view from the mountain it rests on. You can see the Cerro de la Muerte and the beautiful Cartago from up there.

And definitely you can have pretty pictures taken inside the building, in fact you can take a quick tour to see and learn a little more about the place.