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5 Foods you must try when visiting Costa Rica

Here in Costa Rica we have influences from many cultures and it reflects on our gastronomy making it rich and tasty. In this post we talk about some foods that’ll stimulate your tastebuds and draw a smile on your face.



This sweet snack is traditionally from Puntarenas. It consist on shaved ice with a sweet syrup, layered with condensed milk, powdered milk and topped with a ball of your favorite ice cream.

I know it sounds like a lot of sugar, but once you taste it you won’t want another dessert in life.

In San José a brand called Los Paleteros developed a popsicle called “La Churchilleta” that tastes just like this dessert, it’s so good it’s sold out at most vendors. You literally have to hunt for them!

Churchill 2016,  Rocío Chacón

Churchill 2016, Rocío Chacón

Churchilleta 2016,  Randy Alfaro

Churchilleta 2016, Randy Alfaro


Traditional bar food born in Tibás. It’s name come from the contraction of it’s main ingredients: CHI-charron and FRIJO-les (crackling pork and beans)

This is a plate made out of layers of white rice, beans, crackling pork, pico de gallo which is similar to mexican salsa but less runny and more sour.

It is served with tortilla chips, usually made in the very place you are eating and chilero.

I personally love my chifrijo with hot sauce on it, otherwise it isn’t the same.

Don’t forget to ask for you avocado on top!

Chifrijo 2014,  Chodta

Chifrijo 2014, Chodta


These are the perfect pairing for your coffee.  

Made out of yellow corn, you can find them sweet or salty versions either one is great with sour cream spread on it.

Fresh chorreadas are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside full with the corn flavor. It makes me drool just by typing it!

Most traditional homes have a grandma’s recipe and make them for weekends coffee time when the family gets together. You really should try them.

Rice and Beans

Caribbean food hasn’t spread that much amongst the rest of the country, so when you find a good rice and beans stick to it!

My favorite is with chicken stew on the side and the sauce on top, all the spices blend marvelously. It usually comes with “Patacones” which are fried salty plantains, wonderful crunchy factor to go with refried beans.

This is a big lunch, so make sure to go hungry when trying it.


This is a traditional caribbean snack to have on the go.

Filled with ground beef, spices and vegetables. Lots of people have them when going to soccer games or on road trips since it’s so easy to eat standing.

Beef patty is originally from Jamaica, but all over Costa Rica people love it. Paired with coffee or beer they transport you to happy moments, just make sure to eat them while warm.