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5 weather facts about you'll want to know if coming to Costa Rica

Some perks of living in the tropics are a little unpredictable weather but magnificent temperatures all year round.  In some places even, there are such wonderful humidity levels that plants will grow even through concrete.

So here are 5 weather facts you would want to know if you are planning to visit us;


Rain on time

During rainy season, approximately from March to November the standard is getting rain everyday after lunch. Some days it's just a drizzle, some days it doesn't stop until late at night.

This comes in very handy when you have to make plans during morning time. Just go out ready with an umbrella or boots, because you’ll need them. Although rain is mostly warm compared to other latitudes, so it doesn't bother that much.

Even if the day is gray, protect yourself

There’s no better place to get a tan than in the tropics, but since we are technically closer to the Sun you have to really protect your skin. 

Even if the day seems cloudy, wear sunscreen!

Wear Sunscreen, 2013.  Plivertees

Wear Sunscreen, 2013. Plivertees

Active volcanoes are present

We share our day to day life with more than one active volcano, and as a part of it, some days you’ll get ashes all over your car and clothes. It isn’t something to worry, just keep in mind that you will need to sweep every day and take some precautions if you have breathing problems.

This natural attractions are impressive to see and more spectacular to live with, there are live volcanoes amongst us! Under us!

Turrialba Volcano erupting, 2016. 

Turrialba Volcano erupting, 2016. 

Veggie variety

Costa Rica isn’t a big land but we sure have plenty of micro-climates that provide us with a wide variety of crops to enjoy and animals to see.

Our country has been known to host the most dense biodiversity in a small piece of land in the entire world, 4% of the estimated total of live species call this green spot their home.

From hot Santa Ana you can have beautiful onions or going to Cartago the cooler lands will give you tons of juicy strawberries, every province has their signature product.

Feria del Agricultor, Barva de Heredia, 2016.

Feria del Agricultor, Barva de Heredia, 2016.

Awesome temperatures

If you come to Costa Rica during the end of the year and holidays, you can kiss goodbye your winter clothes. We celebrate Christmas with strappy dresses and fireworks because December is our favorite weather season.

Gorgeous orange sunsets and windy nights make us feel the end of the year, in fact every tico is waiting the first days of this weather all year.

We enjoy a steady temperature with very slight variations, so you just might need to change your flip-flops to closed shoes when rainy.

San José sunset, 2015.  Michael Miller

San José sunset, 2015. Michael Miller