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5 local design brands to follow

Trend lately is to buy local and support small business instead of huge companies all over the world. This has given a lot of talented people the tools and courage to start making things, beautiful things we can use and be proud of having a one of a kind (or very few at most) piece.

And our country isn’t the exception, here we number some designers whose brands are growing because the quality of their products and design.

Hola Lola

This is a stationary and accessories brand, it’s main focus is starring Costa Rica’s richness. You can get from prints and calendars, to postcards and notebooks.

The style is very colorful and they come as a excellent gift to take back home, since they’re all so pretty.


Look and shop at




A beachwear brand from a country with two oceans, of course!

Innovation in styles as well as high quality pieces are the main characteristics of this gorgeous brand. Lead by María Lourdes Castro this has quickly become an international brand lots of bloggers wear. It represents the stylish side of Costa Rica.

Check their collections at!

Leonora Jimenez  wearing Guayaberi, 2016.

Leonora Jimenez wearing Guayaberi, 2016.



A mainly male leather goods designer who has appeared in international runways, Toribio has a very high end and stylish view of life.

The designer Oscar Hernandez is always on the hunt for new trends.

You can seek for his products at

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 14.15.49.png



Thinking about getting something for your kids? Handmade plush monsters to keep anyone company. 

This characters have a huge personality, you can even make a custom monster out of a picture with help from the designer :) It’s a perfect gift.

Find out more at

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 14.23.41.png



This is a personal favorite, their bags and colors make it a winner every time I’m looking for a new purse.

Perhaps you’ve seen them at Anthropologie or at the airport, Sofía is a hardworking startup warrior. Make sure to follow her at