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5 Fruits and vegtables you'll loooooove in Costa Rica

One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new country is eating. I think that food not only makes you feel warm inside but shows you a lot about the society you are in. History about how they prepare their meals, the ingredients and the products are lived through food.

In Costa Rica lots of the ingredients present in a regular diet are fruits and vegetables, here we talk to you about some of them you might not find frequently outside Costa Rica


Delicious in a soup, traditionally they’re served just boiled in the Olla de Carne. They blend very well with the meat flavor. They are little green fruits that grow from a vine, and for what I’ve heard you can only get them in Central America.

Tacacos, 2007.  Ana Ruth Rivera

Tacacos, 2007. Ana Ruth Rivera



For any sour lovers this is a small fruit you can either have alone or in a jam. It’s so beautiful, small and red/orange I always feel the urge to take pics of it before eating them.



This is perhaps the most impressive fruit for tourists since it’s an almost endemic fruit that only grows in Costa Rica. It’s like a guava but with a sour taste and particular flavor.

The most common way to have delicious cas is in a fresh juice to side your lunch. But if you have the opportunity to get them right from the tree they’re wonderful with just a pinch of salt on top.


Fruta de Pan

Most costa ricans don’t eat fruta de pan often, it is more eaten toasted with hot sauce in the caribbean.

This fruit has its most flavor when it’s green, although you can have it ripe. It’s interesting texture and color make it beautiful to photograph.



A small fruit that grows in central America, it is enjoyed green as well as ripe. It has a sweet and sour taste and a peculiar texture to the tongue.

You can also make jam out of them when ripe, but they’re only available for a short season from October to February.

Jocotes de corona, 2014.  Guy Howard

Jocotes de corona, 2014. Guy Howard