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5 Security tips to know when traveling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica just like any other place in the world has it’s ups and downs regarding security. Overall it is a pacific country with happy welcoming people willing to help tourists, but some security measures are always a good choice

Here I give you 5 tips you might find a little helpful:


Don’t feed the animals at the national parks

Animals are awfully cute and friendly of course, if you are handling them fruit or bread who wouldn’t?

But those are wild animals and they could harm you or try and steal your belongings thinking you might have more food for them.


At the beach don’t lose sight of your stuff

I know, what are you supposed to do when diving into the sea? try to keep an eye on your things most of the time. Or someone from your group could stay sunbathing while you freshen up in the water and walking through the beach.


Don’t leave your luggage in the car

This might sound a little obvious, but leaving suitcases and “valuable looking” items inside your car could end up in a nasty broken window. Just, try to store it in the trunk or go straight to your hotel where you can leave things unattended.

Be careful when buying street food

Sometimes when you are visiting some place, street food is what comes more efficient or the best way to try local meals.

Most of the times you can get delicious finds, but make sure you get it from a clean “official” place.

Papata , french fries food truck. San José 2016

Papata, french fries food truck. San José 2016


Pay attention to beach regulations

Our beaches are wonderfully wild, you can share with monkeys and surf all day, but that non-human charm makes them sometimes a little more extreme for adventure. So first check out the beach regulations for times to swim, waste disposing and wildlife security.