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5 Local Products you must try when traveling to Costa Rica


Going to Puntarenas and not trying the famous Churchill will be a shame. Eating a “churchill” in “El Puerto” is definitely a Costa Rican tradition. This is made of a local syrup with ice, condensed milk, powdered milk and ice cream if you want. It is really sweet, refreshing and popular in Costa Rica. Lately some local producers called “Los Paleteros” invented “La churchileta” which consists in a popsicle made with the ice and syrup, stuffed with condensed milk and finally sprinkled with powdered milk. This is also one you should try because all Costa Ricans are loving it!


Salsa Lizano

When you talk about Salsa Lizano, you are talking about Costa Rican flavor. This is a sauce made with different Costa Rican species and vegetables, it tastes a little bit spicy and its flavor is really strong. I must say that it can’t be described, you gotta try it!. All I will tell you is that it is the signature for preparing many Costa Rican dishes. It can’t miss in their tamales (which are specially made for december), but many locals use it daily for “gallo pinto” and “casados”.



Britt Products

This are the favorites of foreign people, because it is always a great gift to receive a Britt product! They have high quality coffee and delicious chocolates, you can not leave Costa Rica without taking with you some of this products. We recommend you to buy products that contain coffee, passion fruit or macadamia.

Cerveza Imperial

As the slogan says “La cerveza de Costa Rica es Imperial”, Costa Rican beer is Imperial. This is the most popular beer in the country and it represents many Costa Ricans because ticos love beer. I can’t describe how it tastes because you have to try Costa Rican flavor! You can also find shirts, mugs, glass and many other articles that have the “Imperial” logo on it, people just love it!

Chocolates Sibú

If you are a chocolate lover, you definitely have to try 100% Costa Rican chocolate. Sibú chocolate is made in San Isidro, Heredia and it is all organic. You can find dark chocolate 70% cocoa, some that contain organic cinnamon and hot chilli, some with coffee and others with cardamom or milk. All are delicious and made with love in this beautiful country. They are constantly innovating, so you may find different flavors!