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5 Instagram pics you can't miss when visiting Costa Rica

Nowadays no trip is complete without sharing it to your friends and family through social media. And since we all like to have special shots in our feed we recommend you some bright spots to capture when visiting Costa Rica:

Río Celeste

The mix of colours that offers Río Celeste is something that can not be missing in your Instagram account if you come to Costa Rica. Even though you have to do a long walk to get to this beautiful place, it is totally worth it. Waters are light blue and there is an amazing waterfall, it is all surrounded by green forest. This saturated colours will not need any filter because they are naturally perfect.

Río Celeste 2015.

Río Celeste 2015.


Lankester Botanical Garden

Feel at peace with nature spending an afternoon through acres of gardens and outstandingly colourful orchids and bromeliads. You’ll get awesome shots of exotic flowers, the japanese garden and if you are lucky rare butterflies and birds.  If you like flowers you have to go there.

Jardín Lankester 2010.

Jardín Lankester 2010.


National Theatre

This is in the center of San José, and from outside you can see how beautiful it is. You can of course take pictures of the building, but you must enter so you will have the best pictures. Inside the National Theatre you could appreciate really good paintings and beautiful old architecture and furniture. Awesome pictures will take place in this theatre!


A sunset at the beach

Sunsets are gorgeous in most Costa Rican beaches, you can not leave the country without taking a pic just appreciating this natural gift. Pictures will talk by themselves so it is not much I can say about that. My favourite ones are Conchal, Manuel Antonio and Puerto Viejo.

Manuel Antonio sunset. 2007,

Manuel Antonio sunset. 2007,


Costa Rican Art Museum

Right in la Sabana metropolitan park is the Costa Rican art museum where you can take wonderful pictures of known pieces of art outdoors or indoors.  It used to be Costa Rica’s main airport until 1977 and it’s surrounded by the city’s lung, a big park just minutes away from San José downtown.