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5 gorgeous flowers to bloom your day

No matter in what mood are you, whenever there are fresh flowers everything feels happier and fancier. And one of the beautiful things about flowers is that in every place native flowers are different, with a different scent and colors you can enjoy. Here we talk to you about 5 gorgeous flowers you can set at home or in your garden if you live in Costa Rica, or near.

Amapola (Hibiscus)

One of the most “Tropical looking” flowers of all this very colorful beauty loves Costa Rican weather. To make sure your Amapolas won’t drown you have to keep them in a very well drained spot and water them daily.

There is a wide variety of colors to choose from, so this makes it even more suitable to inject some color to your home.




The Passiflora vine is a very interesting plant with a beautiful flower that blooms from July to October.

As it is a exotic and fragrant flower that loves warm climates, since it’s a vine you could grown them in a pot or at your entrance to climb up a fence, they have this wonderful prehistoric feeling that’ll give your home a conversation piece.



Another weird looking flower is the Celosia, it’s a hairy looking and colorful puff that’ll make your heart smile.

It is a tropical plant that loves the warm and humid climate that’s why you won’t have problems growing them in Costa Rican weather. But be careful not to water them too often or they’ll be attacked by fungus.



A low maintenance to care for and beautiful to look at plant. Well known around the world because of it’s beautiful and delicate shape.

This is a flower you can put in a vase and keep hydrated. They will ask for very little maintenance as long as you keep them in a warm environment and cut the stems often.

Lobster Claws

Now this is a very very exotic plant you’ll only see in tropical weather destinations. It is popularly known as “Lobster Claws” because of some of this species shape.

It is a very thirsty plant that needs moist soil to stay blooming, but also needs at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. I know, tropical bipolarity. But it is totally worth it to see the pretty red flowers hanging.