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5 musical artists from Costa Rica you should listen to

Music just… soothes my soul, and keep me company when I’m working, hiking, training. It also can share with you the mood of a town and people, that’s why I talk to you now about some music representatives of the Costa Rican artists.

Every rhythm makes you feel within a situation, for me Malpaís is chill music to enjoy a coffee or an afternoon reading, but for some might be more of a beach mood... maybe I'm getting older as I rather listen to more quiet music. 

Orquesta Filarmónica de Costa Rica

This Grammy Award winner group was born thanks to it’s director Marvin Araya.

Most of them are symphonic raised but have all the tropical flavor in their soul, this gives their music a special quality. They like to perform more popular music for every taste out there.

The Philharmonic Orchestra usually has concerts every month but you can be sure and check out their calendar at


Walter Ferguson

Mr Ferguson is perhaps the biggest Calypso representative in Costa Rica, raised in Cahuita he has always written songs about lifestyle in Limón.

His fame came through word of mouth since he has repeatedly refused to travel and move in order to record, he is a true lover of old school recording. You can enjoy his music in CD by the Papaya Music Record company.


Manuel Obregón

This very complete artist not only plays piano, he also specializes in marimba and accordion. Mr. Obregón has devoted his last years to his compositions “Simbiosis” sounds of nature mixed with his music.

He also has a political history, since he was the Culture Minister during the Chinchilla administration (2012-2016) working to improve work situations and representation for artists within Costa Rica and abroad.



Perhaps this is one of the more representative groups any tico will tell you about.

Their style is a chill contemporary music which lyrics talk about our beautiful traditions and Costa Rican roots.

They are very active giving concerts, so you could go to and check out their agenda.


Edín Solís

One of the latest Costa Rican talents born in Alajuela, for years he’s been a member and founder of the known group EDITUS. But lately he’s been more focused in producing and composing music for films and foreign artists.

He’s won two Grammy Awards and has performed with international artists like Rubén Blades, Aterciopelados, Armando Manzanero amongst others.