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5 Fabulous places for Brunch lovers in Costa Rica

Brunch is my favorite meal in the world because it’s a merge of breakfast and anything you want to eat. Plus, you can have as many Mimosas as you want and no one will judge you!

The relaxed mood of waking up later than the usual and meeting with friends (even if you saw them last night) makes of this custom a special time for the ones who like to live well.

It was very difficult to narrow down to only 5 places where to have a delicious brunch in San José, but I think this list makes a very interesting selection for any #foodie


PicNic Deli & Café

This is a place that’ll make you feel like you are in Brooklyn. Everything they serve is artisanal, from their coffee roasted by themselves to the chips along with the paninis.

The brunch menu has the traditional lox and cream cheese bagel, as well as french toasts. But what makes it really special is to get there and see what’s freshly baked, because it’s different every day.


Manos en la masa

Located in a trendy neighborhood of San José, Barrio Escalante, in an old house. This restaurant welcomes anyone with a big smile. You can savour traditional breakfast or its more innovative versions like the “Quinto” (Gallo Pinto with quinoa instead of rice)

Also check their Instagram account since often they make special offers when publishing pics of your meal with a special hashtag.


Feria Verde Aranjuez

This is a more different experience from regular brunch places. It’s an organic farmer’s market held every Saturday morning in Barrio Aranjuez with spots to have delicious coffee and food. You can find a variety of vegan and non vegan meals as well as handcrafts.

Feria Verde , 2016



If you fancy some very interesting presentations of traditional brunch dishes you’ll enjoy this little establishment. Located in Barrio Escalante it will welcome you with its cute decoration and cheerful owner.

Specially try the sweet goodies such as s’mores brownies, Rice Krispies bars with tequila and blueberries, they all will delight you!

YummyLab , 2017

YummyLab, 2017



“From Germany with love” it’s their slogan, and they will take you through tasty breads and sweet pastries. This very trendy bakery is conveniently located in San Rafael of Escazú, as well as in the East of San José in Pinares of Curridabat.

Fresh fruit as a side for a wonderful omelette with sourdough bread are completed with a delicious fresh brewed coffee. You won’t miss with this brunch destination.

Mocapan , 2016

Mocapan, 2016