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5 adventure destinations you didn't know where in CR

What do you prefer when vacationing, chilling by the pool or having an adventure you’ll remember for the rest of your life?

I thought so. That’s why in this post I talk to you about five adventure destinations you can enjoy when coming to Costa Rica you’ll definitely want to tell your friends and followers about.

Of course, you don’t HAVE to go try them all, but trust me; you’ll love it if adrenaline is your fuel.


Rápidos en Tortuguero

This trip will without a doubt be on your top experiences in life. Once you get to Tortuguero you’ll have full 4 hours of the best rafting in rapids levels 3 and 4. It’s been rated one of the best in the world, so get ready for fun fun fun!

Not only you’ll be busy rafting but you’ll be immersed in the tropical wilderness, witnessing monkeys, birds and other animals.

If you like water sports, this is your best choice!


Surf at Roca Bruja

Now that we have access to social media information and pictures of anywhere in the world you might think “I’ve seen it before” but, you… haven’t…

Making the decision to go to Witches Rock is one that’ll change your life, for good.

To get there you must cross the Santa Rosa national park and then camp to get the best waves early in the day.

You might have seen this spot in the Endless Summer 2 movie back in 1994, but also in amazing Pinterest pictures because it is like taken out of a dream

Roca Bruja, by  Visit Costa Rica

Roca Bruja, by Visit Costa Rica


Rock Climbing at Pico Blanco

For the most adventurous, this destination includes hiking and climbing. If you are tired of the city this will be a perfect getaway for you, a moment to do physical activity and introspection.

The mountain is not friendly with beginners, be prepared to carry your own food and water.

As any other park, it is the visitor’s responsibility to pick up after yourself.

Pico Blanco by  Eskalar

Pico Blanco by Eskalar


Windsurfing en Lago Arenal

Lake Arenal is a warm destination, which will make a perfect vacation for any thrill seekers. Besides windsurfing with an amazing view of the Arenal volcano is any adventurer’s dream, or photographer. You’ll be in direct contact with nature here.

And if you are not such a fan of windsurfing you can also take a ride by boat through the lake.

Windsurfing at Lake Arenal, by  MisticaCostaRica

Windsurfing at Lake Arenal, by MisticaCostaRica

Paragliding en Puntarenas

Paragliding is a fantastic experience, feeling free as a bird, and enjoying a different view of the Puntarenas we’re used to see from floor height.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, instructors will rent you the gear and go with you so you enjoy the ride.

Almost everybody has dreamt of flying, but very few managed to master it. Be one of them and make your dreams come true!