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5 fun festivals to visit in Costa Rica

If you are the going out kind of person and you constantly seeking to go on wild adventures, take risks, dance the nights away, meet new cultures, get lost, life could get a little expensive. But there are ways to enjoy all these activities without maxing your credit cards.

Here I talk to you about 5 festivals from different types of disciplines I enjoy A LOT, I hope you do too.


Festival Internacional del Diseño

Held every year during March in San Jose at a very special location, the old National Customs warehouse. During this days you can meet absolute idols of international design, hear them give speeches and some give workshops you can attend to.

For any design driven person, it is a party of “Wow” and “Sigh”

FID 2017, by  FIDcr

FID 2017, by FIDcr


Paseo Gastronómico La Luz

Lately, the foodies have taken almost every weekend available to enjoy the wide variety of options to eat in Costa Rica. Food Truck fests and gastronomic festivals have been gathering people, but the first is the Paseo La Luz, located in Barrio Escalante.

This is a day to taste food from the Caribbean, grilled meat or burgers, Lebanese food, Italian… you name it. Next edition will be held on April 24th, so don’t miss it!

Oh, and most stands take credit card ;)


Envision Festival

This is days in which I do not care for anything but music and meditating, the whole four days. It is sort of a tiny Burning Man, for those who have gone.

Held by the beach during February makes you feel the bursting tropical vibes through all your body. I always get to meet good people and we have managed to stay friends ever since.

Envisión 2017, by  Envisión Festival Costa Rica


Festival de coreógrafos Graciela Moreno

I’ve only attended once, but it made me feel a mix of jealousy and thrill.

Artists performing are so talented you’ll have goosebumps in every single act. It’s named after Mrs. Moreno who was the National Theater director for 29 years. Daughter of the famous Dr. Ricardo Moreno Cañas well-known medical doctor and politician during the WWI

If you enjoy watching this artistic physical expression it’s a must.

Festival de coreógrafos Graciela Moreno 2017

Festival de coreógrafos Graciela Moreno 2017


Festival de Cine

Held during December it is thought so any film addict can enjoy independent and foreign films. Also, some of them are complemented by discussions on the film itself or the social movements they are themed about.

CRFIC 2016, by  CRFIC

CRFIC 2016, by CRFIC