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5 Selfies you can take in Costa Rica that'll boost your profile

Motivation to take a selfie might come from different sources for me or you or your brother/sister. But when it comes to showing off a ultra cool one we all want it to get even to the moon. So here I talk about some special spots to get an amazing selfie in Costa Rica that’ll beat any of your friend’s



Every single person I’ve taken to the Tarcoles river changes inside, the common reaction is “WHOA! Why are there crocodiles on the loose down there?”

Because the truth is, these animals are BIG. And, although you can’t get near them from up the bridge, pictures capture an interesting amount of animals.


Proyecto Eólico Santa Ana

The magnitude of this project is what makes it so stunning, besides the amazing view of the Central Valley. Once there you can see the 17 towers set there by the CNFL, the main energy company provider in Costa Rica.

In order to get to the project, you’ll need a 4 wheel traction vehicle, since it’s on top of the Pacacua mountain, oh and a cap or a good sturdy hairdo, because the wind here is not going to give you an easy job on that selfie.


Manuel Antonio beach

Now this might sound like the average beach pic with the sun setting and a sensual tan line, but since Manuel Antonio is a national park you’ll be immerse in nature just like it was created. No buildings, no boats nor shade umbrellas here.

This picture probably will feature more a monkey or a coati than yourself. But who would complain?

Animals are usually friendly, used to hanging amongst humans and getting food from time to time, but try not to feed them since it only makes their dependence worse.


Barrio Otoya

Every city has a street or corner lots of people love because no matter what angle you take your pictures they’ll look fabulous.

In San José, for me, it’s Barrio Otoya. A little old but taken care of, just like a nice 1960s Mustang. It also offers you delicious cafeterias where, in the summer, you can have a beautiful picture taken and look very much like a bon vivant.

Also, just a couple of blocks West you can have a beautiful picture taken in front of the Casa Museo, which is a very iconic building, once a house, now a museum of it’s own architecture.


Volcán Arenal

The best background for a breathtaking picture is always a jewel of the nature. The Arenal Volcano has been a touristic attraction in the town of San Carlos for years, because of its stateliness. And, if you are lucky, you can see some lava activity during the night