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5 Costa Rican bloggers you should be watching

The new trendsetters nowadays aren’t big brands, but bloggers. Regular people with their own channel in which they talk about specific themes. This talented entrepreneurs can live from this, by specialising in a category and building a strong reputation within their audience.

Now if you are moving to Costa Rica or just interested in knowing more about people from our sunny yet rainy paradise, read below for some Costa Rican bloggers we find are going to BE HUGE (huge within the 5 million inhabitants Costa Rica audience has)

FASHION Soler System Blog

Tube skirt and sneakers? Boyfriend jeans and embroidery? Is that IN now?

María Eugenia will clear those questions for you. She is the West IT Girl, remember how previously I told you about the differences between East and West San Jose?

Now when it comes to the latest trends you should be following her. She seems to be in an eternal vacation, you’ll feel jealous and pumped up to dress up nicer. Check her blog at

FOOD Comocomecami

Very few people are as joyful as foodies, and Camila Jurado is one of them. In fact she is so enthusiast about good food she even gives courses to prepare and photograph it.

If you get cravings easily you will definitely stand up and go cook something for yourself while reading her posts, and pictures. Visit her blog at for inspiration for tonight's dinner ;)

FOTOGRAPH To The Wonder Blog

Literally Earthporn, unbelievable pictures taken all over the world, the kind of images you see in books.

Luis Solano is a wonderful nature photographer that also offers tours in which he will transfer some of his knowledge to you. Imagine having a trip to Iceland and at the same time getting to learn how to take amazing pictures? Experiences that you won’t forget.

If you are interested in getting to know more about his tours and photographs, visit

MUSIC 89Decibeles

Well, not solely a music blog as it was when started. Now 89Decibeles is today a news regarding POP culture that include also tv series, concerts and festivals.

If you are looking for information regarding the music industry in Costa Rica, subscribe!


Being on top of things is Rogelio Umaña’s main interest. He is always the first to try gadgets, platforms and tools. I don’t know how he manages to be like three steps ahead of us mortals, but he does. So, when thinking about a new phone-computer-game he is my go-to person for an honest review. 

Go and check out his blog for comments on the latest: