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5 ways to celebrate mother’s day in Costa Rica

Well, this month mothers will be celebrated in Costa Rica. Unlike the rest of the world it’s in this date because of the Holy Assumption Day, like most holidays in Costa Rica it is related to a religious celebration.


And since not everyone likes to just go to a restaurant and eat (although my dad is more than pleased with that) here I tell you about some activities you can choose to share with yours:


Watch the stars from the Irazú Volcano


Any sky lovers out there? Next August 12th there will be a meteorite shower and the group “Ticos Montañeando” is organizing a trip to watch it from the Irazú Volcano in Cartago. It is a very interesting activity, lots of astronomy lovers go so you can learn and share a nice moment.

Since it is at night and the Irazú is at about 11,260 feet height it gets COLD, so take a heavy coat and gloves with you… and a bottle of hot cocoa is nice too.

Picnic & Draw

A picnic is a way of sharing special time with your mom and reminding about when you were young. And for art loving families this will be a special edition mixed with a discussion about food design. 

Recognized food stylists will be present and Pastel will be selling their cakes for anyone attending. Meeting will begin this Saturday the 12th at 10:30am at the Parque Francia, right in San Jose.

Film Festival

Now this is a special kind of film festival, it will be regarding human rights and environmental filming. It will have 4 headquarters where you can enjoy discussions and debate with professionals on the field as well as films displayed.


It will be held from August 7th to August 13th.

Costa Rica’s film community is very rich and interesting so you can expect to have fun and leave with your mind busy!

Museum Tour

The  will be open for anyone interested in reviewing its collection. The admittance is free, and it certainly will be fun going through history and geography by looking at the art pieces this beautiful museum has curated during years.

Exhibition will be open until November but it is a great activity to share with your loved one.

Cactus & Succulents fair

The most trendy hobby of the moment, growing succulents in lovely vessels. Any mom would love to go and get as many green beauties as the hands can hold. I could go crazy getting weird varieties and trading them with friends. It'll be happening this weekend at the Antigua Aduana as a part of the ExpoMujer Emprende.

Let the succulent madness begin!!!