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5 long weekend activities you can do from San Jose

Long weekends give me life, they are a breathing space from working during the year. More so for someone who doesn't usually take my vacations.

I personally like to stay in San José to decompress from day to day life and take one of the days for a short trip, instead of traveling far. And since during this year there will be a couple of 4 day weekends (at least for me) I give you five ideas of activities I have enjoyed doing to clear my mind on long weekends:

Fossil Land

A place for groups of adventurers, this exciting place involves lots of climbing, hiking, and physical activities. It is located in Patarrá (about 35 minutes from San Jose) 

This is a park designed to go in a group, so make sure to gather your family and friends.


Brunch at Madame Cheese

Foodies will find themselves comfortable in this restaurant, with lovely decoration (Instagram background hint ;)) and a warm terrace to indulge in the pleasures of cheese, brunch and French pastries.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 14.05.02.png

Teleférico at the Braulio Carrillo

The perfect plan to be delighted by nature and the rainforest in its greatest splendor. I’ve gone there a few times and it never stops to amuse me the peace you can feel when riding on top of the trees. It is very close to San Jose so you can go and come back the same day, without preoccupations.



Feria del Agricultor- Farmers market

What better way to have a good time off during a long weekend than getting fresh produce and eating delicious food with the farmers themselves?

For me it’s a refreshing time, and a joy to get the best fruits and veggies for my meals, at a very reasonable price. Find the closest to your home and treat yourself!

Picture by  Der_Cobo

Picture by Der_Cobo



In a beautiful country like ours we are at just minutes away from the beach, Do you like the Atlantic or the Pacific best?

From San Jose you can keep your tan steady all year round by visiting the beach regularly, and perhaps surfing the waves of our tropical sea