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5 Private Clubs you can affiliate if you are relocating to Costa Rica

Moving from one country to another with your whole family is a exhausting, busy and messy process. We know it. Finding a house to build your life in for the next years, Choosing the supermarket you'll get your food from, a school for the kids... and so on.

But one of the fun desitions you can take is finding a private club to affiliate to spend weekends with the family, as well as with friends. And since Costa Rica has a great weather to do outdoor activities most of the year, private clubs are available to enjoy it. Here we show you five different options you have in San José or near.

El Castillo Country Club

One of the oldest private clubs, set in the mountains of Heredia. El Castillo, named after the main building in the shape of a castle, is a beautiful place to change the scenery from your everyday city life. You can have a bbq outdoors or ice skating at their indoors ring (which is an odd activity here in the tropics)  Also, there are tennis courts, soccer field, basketball cou.t

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Costa Rica Tennis Club

More sports oriented, this private club is located right in Sabana Sur, right at the San José Downtown edge. This club has tennis, Olympic pools, basketball court, squash and a gym, also, restaurants and a place for parties for members only.

From the options given in this article, this is the more affordable option. Find out more in


San José Indoor Club  

Located on the East side of San José, this club has a bowling alley, plenty of recreational pools, a spa, gym, and squash as well as tennis court.  Parties at the bar are well known to be for karaoke fans, as well as activities for members during holidays. 

They offer plenty of activities for kids during vacations so you don't have to worry much about where the kids are. Read more about becoming a member in


Costa Rica Country Club  

This option is the most exclusive of the five options. It is located in Escazú, right in front of Villas del Río. This club is more focused on golf and relaxation. 

Members can also attend to events like the "Costa Rica Coffee Bowl" an international tennis tournament held during January every year. If you want to see how to become a member read


Santa Ana Country Club  

This is the newest of them all, it's being developed right now and it's expected to open its installations in the coming months. 

It will offer sports activities, relaxation at a spa and spaces to work from there, all in the warm weather of Santa Ana at the very West of San José. If you want to stay tuned for more information on how to become a member, go to