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5 Valentine's Day ideas to enjoy Costa Rica's weather

Valentines is for people celebrating love and friendship that's why I like to suggest special activities in which you can share time creatively with your loved ones. You know, not necessarily spending lots of money.

Even if you are not in a relationship February is a good month to sit in the sun and share an afternoon with friends doing something unexpected. So here are my 5 recommendations for Valentines:

Mardi Gras Parade and Celebration

Music, dancing and happiness all in Guanacaste. With performers coming from USA to celebrate with retired surfers. If surfers ever fully retire from the sea life. 

A weekend outside San José and dancing at the beach is a great plan if I say so myself.  Look it up on the official FB page 


Picnic at Prusia/Cerro Pelado

Lately the IT place to go hiking and picnic/hiking is Cerro Pelado (Guanacaste), last year was Prusia (Cartago) and they are both wonderful spots to feel in touch with nature. 

If you'll be spending your February in Costa Rica with its lovely pink and orange afternoons, please go and witness the blooming trees, flowers and feel the warm breeze of the mountain. It pumps you up and makes it a very romantic ambiance.


CarpeChepe, coffee tour

In Costa Rica the "hora del cafecito" is sacred, and sharing it with someone is a very special time. If you are a #coffeelover, the guys from CarpeChepe organize regular tours around San José to learn and taste various coffees.

You get to know new different cafeterias and specialty stores where you can buy local products that might not be as widespread as others. You'll end up being a  coffee connoisseur. Check the signup at their website 

Photo by  CarpeChepe

Photo by CarpeChepe

A day of Churchill by the beach

Churchill, as you may remember from our previous post, is a deliciously sweet dessert (dessert or snack, or price) It is originally from Puntarenas, which would be the perfect road trip, having one by the sea and relaxing with the ocean breeze.

Even if you aren't in a romantic relationship, sharing a Churchill with a friend or family is a very happy plan. Make it your own Valentine's way of celebrating any kind of love!


ArtCity Tour

Held every 3 to 4 months this is an activity promoted by the cultural ministry. You can visit various museums and art galleries, they are all open during nighttime. Also, you can ride from one to the next by electric bus. There are various routes.

We've talked about this activity before in our "Romantic date plans" maybe because I find it a very stimulating. Check it out too.