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5 wonderful birds you can spot in Costa Rica

Even if you are not a birdwatching enthusiast, like me. You can have wonderful nature hikes while witnessing some of the most beautiful and colorful animals. While Costa Rica has 845 species of birds living most of them are not easy to spot.

If you don't want to travel long to see them you can visit the ZooAve this is a place in Alajuela where they rescue and take care of endangered animals, but also is a park where you can learn and witness them in their almost raw environment.

The good thing is Costa Rica has 4% of the total species estimated worldwide, so come to the tropics and get some eye-bleach.


Very well known all around the world for its long beak and tropical colors. Tucans are gorgeous creatures you can witness in most Costa Rica's national parks. Mascot for plenty of companies here in the tropics, they are very colorful and friendly creatures. 

Photo by  Scottys-world

Photo by Scottys-world

Lapa Roja

Usually spotted in groups, these big and tropical birds can be found from the south of Mexico to the jungle North of Bolivia. They were previously associated with the god of Fire and Sun by Mayans and Aztecs.

When you are at the beach you can hear them within the trees or fly in flocks at sunset. 

Photo by  VinicioChanto

Photo by VinicioChanto


Covered with lots of lovely tropical colors the majestic Quetzal will amaze you with its tail flowing in the air. It's most peculiar feature is the long feathered tail, it is just lovely. This bird isn't exclusive from Costa Rica since it's Guatemala's national bird, and also the name of its currency.

Photo by  Jonathan Creel

La oropéndola

The Oropéndola is commonly found in the woods or open fields, the best way to spot them is finding their nests, which are very characteristic drop shaped hanging from the trees.

Its feathers are almost black/brown with a bright yellowtail and blue eyes with bare skin around them and in the sides of the head. Also males are way bigger than females, so stay sharp in order to not miss them.


El pájaro bobo

Probably the most colorful of all five, and with a very particular tail, long like the Quetzal but waaaaayyy different. The tail looks just like a string with a feather in the end hanging. I'm in love with this creature.