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5 Costa Rican sayings to handle yourself like a local

 When coming to a new country sometimes communication isn't always fluent, because the same word doesn't have the same meaning everywhere. We do have made up words, or phrases that with time have become a reference to something else, that culturally mean something for us. And if you are coming to Costa Rica and want to understand them, I talk to you about 5 of them:

Tuanis, chiva

Tuanis or chiva are expressions meaning "that's cool" or "lit" (for the younger) 


Unlike the rest of Central America where "Ahorita" means right now, in Costa Rica it's understood "ahorita" is in a while. So take a chill pill. 


The most difficult to translate of these. "Diay" could be either: "So... I was shopping for...", or it's a callout like "Say whaaaaaat?"

Diay is used very informally, you would'nt use it with clients.

Rajado, chuzo, al chile

Whenever you hear something is "rajado" or "chuzo" they're mindblown.


Now, the actual translation for this idiom is "give me" (as a gift) but when Costa Ricans say it means "give me/sell me/pass me" that.