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5 meals you cannot miss during your trip to Costa Rica

Holidays are coming, people is excited, families are planning huge meals and parties. You can even smell the December air, along with the rain scent. This last rainy days are the most intense in this tropical country. And how are you going to celebrate?

If you plan con coming to Costa Rica, or have the luck to be here with us this end of the year, here I give you 5 meals or treats you can try while celebrating whatever you celebrate.


Born recently (in the last 15 years or so) in Costa Rica, this dish consists of layers of: white rice, beans, yummy crackling pork and topped with “pico de gallo” (tomato and onion salad) it often comes with fried tortillas and hot sauce, all served in a bowl

Personally I love Chifrijo with a homemade hot sauce, and it isn’t the same without it. You can detect better the pork, beans and salad flavors with the help from the hot sauce.

The name Chifrijo comes from its ingredients: Chi(charrón)- Frijo(les)

Also, sometimes it is topped with avocado, but since avocados are insanely expensive lately its rare to have it


Toronja Rellena

For all sweet tooth out there, there are always handcrafted treats you can find in every town that will expand your mind and love for sweets.

Toronja is a Grape Fruit, and the process to make these is to crystallize the peel of it with sugar. You have to remove all the pulp from the grape fruit keeping the peel in its original round shape. Crystallize it and then fill it with milk “cajeta” to contrast the bitterness of the citric with the sweet filling.



Now, this is a polarizing treat. You either love it or hate it.

The Caldosas are sold in the street, and it is not a fancy preparation, nor you can find them in restaurants. It consists of a bag of seasoned corn chips (like Doritos or Fritos) filled with Ceviche on top of the chips. You can spice it up with the traditional Ceviche toppings like Ketchup, hot sauce, or mayo.

Can you tell I’m one of the detractors?


But people who like them, absolutely rave about them as a midday treat.

Rice and Beans

Let me just start by saying: Delicious Caribbean and spicy food is the BEST. There, I said it.

Rice and beans can sound like the typical “Gallo Pinto” you can have for breakfast anywhere. But Rice and Beans is made with lots more spices, and coconut milk.

Normally it is served as a side of chicken or fish, prepared in an also spicy sauce that you can put on top of the rice and beans. And a side of Patacones, just… #yum


Empanadas de Chiverre

This is a traditional treat made by grandmothers during Easter and in the following months. Chiverre is known in english as Figleaf Gourd, a variety of withe squash you can dry and prepare honey out of. This honey is used to fill some delicious sweet patties.

This patty dough is very crumbly and a little salty, which pairs perfectly with the Chiverre honey inside. You MUST try these when in Costa Rica.