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5 Christmas traditions you can't miss in CR

Have you celebrated Christmas in the tropics?

We do not have a white Christmas, but we do enjoy a festive spirit with lights, color and traditions, that’s why in this blog post I give you 5 activities everybody likes to share during December.

Let the festivities BEGIN!


It’s similar to Christmas Carol singers, but with a little more religious. People recreate Joseph and Mary’s attempts to find a shelter for Jesus to be born, they dress up and sing from house to house in some neighborhoods.



Ok, this tradition comes from the Spanish influence during the colonies.

But the “Corridas de Toros” don’t come alone, there is a fair organized next to them in most towns. With games, food and concerts for every family member to have fun.


Christmas Trees (really big ones)

There are some popular Christmas trees that are lit with quite a show.

The main ones people in San Jose expect are the “Hospital Nacional de Niños” (Children’s hospital) which you can see from the street in Central Avenue. This is very touching because the kids in the hospital come out to the balconies and watch the event.

The “Museo de los Niños” (Children’s Museum) downtown lit by their characters.

The Coca Cola Tree usually located in the Sabana Park where they organize concerts and cultural shows.


El Gordo Navideño

Now, this is not a family tradition, but everybody is aware of the Christmas lottery. Which is called “The fatty” since the prize is bigger than the rest of the year’s.


Making Tamales

This is the most family oriented activity. Every family member gathers and helps make the tamales for December.

Usually it works like an assembly line in which every member puts an ingredient and the last person wraps them in plantain leaves and tie it to be cooked.

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