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5 shopping places where you'll find treasures in CR

Locally designed gifts are the most exotic, no one can resist a piece of art or a one of a kind piece. Every time I travel the best gifts I have bought are rare. So today I bring you some ideas for stores in San José that sell local brands and gorgeous souvenirs, different from the typical fridge magnet or a puka necklace.

Apartado Creativo

This small store in Guachipelín is full of clothes and jewelry, from Costa Rican brands and some other imported but all of them are very limited and beautiful. I've bought all my Christmas gifts there last year, everybody was VERY happy.




A very cute stationery store that's present in lots of Costa Rican homes around the world. It features traditions and places from our land, all drawn by the hand of Priscilla. 

Located in Los Yoses the bright teal store will make any stationery lover smile even from the street, and more when you go inside. From prints, cards, and coasters, to umbrellas, shoes, and scarfs. Let yourself go crazy, you won't regret it.




Specialized in fair trade leather goods, Sofia's designs mix artisanal techniques with traditional fabrics and materials. You might've seen them at the airport when getting to Costa Rica. But if you have an afternoon off and want to have a soothing time, go to their store in Sabana Norte and have a delicious coffee while choosing. 



Kalú offers the best of both worlds, good gifts, and amazing food. 

I bought there a gorgeous coffee brewer called in Costa Rica "Chorreador" because of the coffee dripping to the cup. Mine is from the brand Habia una vez, and the design is so Nordic, but tropical. I'm in love. Also, I had an amazing molten lava cake. I guess I was in a very good mood that day!




This is a curated clothing store for the art lovers and an art for design lovers. 

Located in Barrio Aranjuez in a 1920s house, it will host you with clean spaces and a non-commercial vibe, it isn't for everybody, but if you like the art gallery world. YOU. WILL. LOVE. IT.