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5 fruits to enjoy during this summer in Costa Rica

This is the season to get all those vitamins in a delicious form, juicy fruits with sweetness and tanginess. And if you will be spending this summer in Costa Rica you can catch the most savory seasonal fruits of the year.

Here I talk to you about my favorite fruits for this season: 


Incredible to have green or ripe, deliciously sweet mangoes are best bought fresh from the farmers market. Or, if you can, taste them right from the tree. The juiciest come from Orotina, just 66km away from San José downtown. 

If you are trying green mango for the first time, I personally recommend it with salt and lime juice, although lots of people like to top it with Lizano Sauce, a local version of english sauce. 




I know, this isn't such a tropical, exotic fruit. But you haven't lived until you have had a slice of Costa Rican watery and refreshing red treasure.

If you are reading this during April, HURRY, because in some days rainy season will start and watermelon will be gone until next year.  

Image by  Ana Ruth Rivera



Widely appreciated in Europe for its high fiber and antioxidants content. Papayas are GREAT to keep a healthy digestive system and provide with nutrients that can clear your skin. This seems like a natural medicine review, but papayas are delicious as well. 

Since papayas have such a short sweet spot, lots of people make it green in a ceviche preparation, similar to fish ceviche. It is a refreshing appetizer, try it when in Costa Rica!



Guaba -Ice Cream Bean

This I think is the weirdest fruit in this post. Guabas, different from guavas, are a very rare fruit you can find at the farmers market. You can recognize it by its pod-shaped and big size. Sweet and soft, almost like a cotton-candy texture, the Guaba will amaze your tongue. 




Incredible scented and tasty flavored has fans and detractors, just like Lady Gaga. And the main reason is the texture, once you crack open one you'll know what I'm talking about. It has a gel-like feeling with tangy scent, and sweetness. 

There is more than one variety of them, colored and flavored. But in Costa Rica, the traditional orange skin and green pulp is wider spread.