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5 Dental clinics you can consult when traveling to Costa Rica

One of the things Costa Rica is known for is the good quality and price of dental treatments. Not to mention most of them also offer to finance your treatments. By coming to the tropics you could save up to 70% on costs for a dental work, think about it. Lots of American travelers come for dental procedures and escape a couple of days to enjoy the beaches and volcanoes, it's a win-win situation. 

If you are planning to come to Costa Rica for a mouth makeover, here I talk to you about 5 very good clinics you can trust and leave feeling like a beauty pageant with your new smile.



This clinic is a complete one where you can have from veneers to a full mouth restoration. The Dr. Gabriela Sibaja will give you a great work and make you feel calm. All personnel speaks English so you will be well treated. 

This clinic has a lab in-house, this helps reduce the wait time and costs of other consults where you depend on getting results from a third party.



Mario Garita

Dr. Garita gives a warm-hearted kind of service, he'll attend you for big jobs, like replacements and major full or partial upper or lower dental sets. 

Since big restorations take time, Dr. Garita usually makes you a temporal prothesis so you feel comfortable until the definite job is done. Feel free to contact them and book your assessment. 



Goodness Dental

Known for his great results with dental implants and surgery, this great team will make you a new bright smile. Trained in USA they will give you a great service. You won't miss home! Even less saving that much money on your new teeth.

They’ve been awarded repeatedly the Best Clinic in Costa Rica by the Costa Rica Dental Guide. You can check more about their services at



LG Dental Care

Located in Escazú and Heredia, it will be near you to go back home whenever you end your treatment. This clinic prides on having the most advanced equipment and procedures in the market for dental implants. If you need new teeth, this is your way to go. 


Colina Dental

Known for the innovative techniques and tools for restorative and cosmetic treatments. They are located in Escazú to be nearer to you when finishing your procedure. 

If you are looking for cutting-edge technology for your diagnosis and dental work you should call them, and expect only the best.