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5 Costa Rican artists you shouldn't miss

Get to know a town’s art and you can know their soul.

In today’s blog post I talk to you about 5 inspiring artists that will give you a brushstroke of what we as ticos are.

Jorge Jimenez Deredia

One of the biggest Costa Rican sculptors, very well known in Europe. He was the first LatinAmerican sculptor to have a piece at the Saint Peter Basilic in Vatican City. He is orignally from Heredia, but formed himself in the art of shaping stone, wood and other materials in Italy ever since he was 22 years old.

Manuel Obregón

Delightful, yet complex, this musician lead the Culture and Education Ministry during the 2010-2014 in the Laura Chinchilla administration.

He has launched several albums featuring the richness of Costa Rica’s nature in perfect combination with his music. I have had the joy of listening to him one summery night live at the beach, and I can’t top it so far. I’m still in love.

Harry Shum Jr.

Most won’t know about this Costa Rican into arts. But Mr. Shum has been a celebrity in tv shows like Glee, and Step Up 3D (he has plenty more amazing work, go check it out). He is a great choreographer as well as actor. He was born in Costa Rica from Chinese parents, moved to California when he was 6 years old and started dancing and acting from High School.


Debi Nova

An Emmy award winner full of latin flavor and with a charming smile, Debi Nova is a singer and songwriter.

She has had music as a protagonist in her life ever since she was a toddler, and you can tell from the complete professional she is now. She resides in Los Angeles and collaborates with artists such as Ricky Martin, Sean Paul. Also she has formed part of the cast in a season of Dancing with the Stars.

Francisco Amighetti

 One of the greatest artists Costa Rica has had the pride of bringing to the world. Francisco Amighetti was a painter, also worked a lot with engravings during the XIX century.

Portraying the traditional Costa Rican lifestyle, his work has been appreciated for being raw and true.


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