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5 International brands you might recognize that are from Costa Rica

Rest assure we are proud of any entrepreneur that succeeds within our territory and beyond.

But some Costa Rican brands are very well known amongst Central America and Europe. These brands work hard every day to make better products, to leave a dent in the world, to leave the name of our country painted with a smile in the memory of any consumer.

Britt Coffee

The best coffee in the world is from Costa Rica, and one of the bigger brands is Britt. You might’ve seen it at different airports and stores with the same name. Britt has taken the task of building an empire around coffee and the experience of enjoying it.

@Brittgourmet  check their Instagram!

@Brittgourmet check their Instagram!

Cuero Papel & Tijera

Leather goods with heart. This brand from day one has been a lovemark for most of its clients. Designed and crafted with aesthetics and durability in mind, Sofía Protti has made a network of leather providers and clients for life. You can find the products as well at Airports and at different fairs in NYC & Texas.

If you are looking for beautiful longlasting leather goods, go to their store in Rohrmoser or at any airport in Central America.

@Cueropapelytijera  get their beautiful products

@Cueropapelytijera get their beautiful products

POPS Ice Cream

Colorful and full of smiles, ice cream is the equivalent to good times. POPS has been in the market for over 40 years. Being one of the first in the country to have a Drive Thru.

The monthly specialties are worth trying, so whenever you want to share a sweet time… go to POPS.

@heladospopscostarica  cravings forever

@heladospopscostarica cravings forever

Motiva Implants

Innovation and green products is what Motiva is known for. For the last 30 years Motiva has been producing the silicone implants for breast operations.
Known for manufacturing great safety control within your implants as well as tracking for your safety and health, Motiva are made in Costa Rica and shipped worldwide.


My personal favorite, plantain chips from Sarapiquí. Soldanza has developed a great product sold now all over Central America, crispy and salty happiness in a bag.

Their products include cassava chips, banana chips, cocoyam chips, also green and ripe plantain chips. In case you didn’t know the difference, green plantains are salty and ripe ones are sweet!

Delicious to have while watching tv