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5 Pet Stores and Grooming services your best friend could love

Pet's Market

This place is part of a big chain of veterinarians and suppliers of food and goods for your little family member. Located in Centro Comercial Paco it is a very good option to get toys and a wide variety of food brands.


La Vete

This place is very medical oriented. If your pet has a special need regarding diet, skin/fur, or needs any other specialist. La Vete has you covered.


Dra. Elsa Chang Díaz

This is a more traditional kind of place. Dra Chang has been helping animals for the last 30 years, she will not only care for your pet, but fall in love with them. She is the sweetest.  The clinic is located near Multiplaza Escazú, so it's always near.



Clínica Veterinaria Dr. Bitter

This is a clinic that offers a pet hotel as well, if you are traveling and need to leave your friends in the BEST care. He is loved by his clients and animals, specializing in the diagnosis and understanding of the animal's needs. 




Focused on emergencies and treatments for ANY kind of animal, the Intensivet clinic will welcome or visit you to take care of medical inquiries.